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I love the fact that although the multi award-winning Zen Lifestyle is now 18 years old, founder Fiona strives to stay ahead of beauty trends and offer her clients the latest in advanced anti-ageing and correctional treatments. From that passion to adapt her business to her clients needs, Fiona recognised that time is a precious commodity so created the supercharged Triple Action Facial. Offering a trio of advanced, hardworking facials in one session for maximum results in minimum time.

I have to say I loved the sound of this – as heavenly as it is going for treatments, it is always hard to find the time to do so. I do like to maximise my time, especially with my upcoming wedding. A facial that consists of three of the salon’s most potent and sought-after anti-ageing facials in one appointment sounds like the perfect treatment for a busy bride-to-be!

“The Zen Triple Action Facial is our top facials combined into one 90-minute appointment without compromising on the quality of individual the treatments.”

First Impressions

Zen Lifestyle prides itself on being a ‘Sanctuary in the city’, it certainly is that. I visited the Teviot Place salon, a hidden tranquil spot with spa-like surroundings in the busy city centre. All the girls there were an absolute delight and welcomed me warmly. Zen’s facials are tailored to each individual, a consultation and skin analysis is included in your time to ensure that the treatment is tailored to your current skin condition. My therapist Melissa got to know me and asked what my own main skin concerns are – as always, I said PORES.

The Treatment

The Zen Triple Action Facial includes three separate facials in one: microdermabrasion, LED light therapy and a collagen mask treatment. All designed to work together to deeply exfoliate, stimulate cell renewal, repair and plump the skin.

Zen Lifestyle Triple Action Facial

DiamondTome Microdermabrasion

First of all I have to say, I have experienced microdermabrasion before with a crystal based wand and I did not like it. The DiamondTome wand used in the Triple Action Facial uses natural diamond chips in place of crystal. This makes it much less abrasive and inflammatory to the skin. So if you have previously had microdermabrasion and didn’t like, it may have been due to a crystal wand. The wand size & strength will be tailored to your skin type and sensitivity.

Following a cleanse, microdermabrasion is the first 20 minute treatment. A deep, mechanical exfoliation where the wand glides over your skin to clear dirt, debris and dead skin cells. Revealing a smoother and clearer complexion. DiamondTome can help reduce enlarged pores, sun damage, pigmentation and acne scarring.

If you are a bride-to-be like myself, a course of microdermabrasion is perfect to get rid of any dullness in your skin so you have that sought after glow on your big day. The wand is moved over your face while simultaneously hoovering up the dead skin it is exfoliating off. There was no pain or discomfort during this process, more of an exciting satisfaction that you can feel all the bad stuff being sucked out your skin! For those of you that are uber geeks like me, you can see the pad with all the extractions at the end of your facial (hugely satisfying).

Omnilux LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is the second key treatment. Using advanced technology, this treatment stimulates the body’s own natural processes to counteract the effects of ageing and to help you achieve that youthful glow. It’s also pretty amazing for improving hydration and reducing wrinkles. It works by stimulating your cellular activity, getting more oxygen in to your blood cells so your skin becomes more plump, smoothing out the appearance of fine lines.

You do have to be prepared for this. The machine is placed very close to your face for it to be effective, so when the light is initially turned on it feels very bright. My eyes adjusted quickly and it became quite relaxing to a point where it felt like I was on a sun-lounger on holiday with the sun shining down on me. While the light treatment is on for 20 minutes you get a lovely hand and arm massage.

Anti-Ageing Collagen Mask Treatment with DNA Repair:

Zen Lifestyle Triple Action Facial
The final part of the Triple Action Facial is a soothing and recuperative mask. This anti-ageing collagen treatment will help to rebuild your skin’s core strength and create a plumper, smother result from your facial. Results are further boosted with DNA repair treatment using Cellular Recovery Serum. Soothing and recuperative, it helps rebuild your skin’s core strength. While this relaxing mask is on you receive a heavenly shoulder massage that was so good I think I may book in for a massage too.

The Results

The biggest impact for me was from the microdermabrasion, the size of my pores decreased massively! I’m not surprised after seeing everything that was exfoliated and sucked out of it. Considering that was my primary concern, I was very happy. My skin had absolutely no redness or irritation (and I can have quite reactive skin) and looked very glowy and plumped thanks to the Omnilux LED treatment. I love going to a facial and feeling like my therapist really understands different skin concerns as opposed to just going through a process. Melissa was so knowledgeable and recommended specific treatments tailored to myself.
I was warned I may experience some dryness after the microdermabrasion but I had none of this. Now 5 days after my treatment I can still see a huge difference in my pores, the hydration levels of my skin and my makeup is sitting beautifully!

Bride to Be?

If you are a bride-to-be and seeking perfect skin for your wedding day, I would highly recommend booking at least three of these facials in the run up to your wedding for maximum effect.


Zen Lifestyle also stock some amazing professional skincare brands that would be worth investing in. One of these is Skinade that has featured in Elle, InStyle, Tatler, Cosmo and many more. Skinade is a professional-level collagen daily skincare drink that delivers results. Without getting too sciency – the level of bioavailability (the percentage that your body is actually able to absorb) of the micronutrients  is so much higher than other tablets or collagen supplements that can be a gimmick and waste of money. Skinade is a market leader because it delivers results. Combine Skinade with the Triple Action Facial and you are on to a winner. Results are more hydrated, radiant, clear, youthful looking skin for your wedding day. If you are wearing a wedding dress that shows some skin, Skinade will transform your skin on your whole face and body while the Triple Action Facial will target specific facial skincare concerns. This will be especially beneficial if you get dehydrated skin or eczema on your body.

How to Book:

Thinking of buying this as a gift? You can purchase gift vouchers HERE.
The Triple Action Facial is available at all three Zen Lifestyle Salons:

9 Bruntsfield Place,
Edinburgh, EH10 4HN
0131 477 3535

2-3 Teviot Place,
Edinburgh, EH1 2QZ
0131 226 6777

84 Hanover Street,
Edinburgh, EH2 1EL
0131 225 7009

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