Tuberose – The scent for lovers. Why my wedding perfume makes the perfect scent this Valentine’s Day.


Choosing your wedding perfume is a big deal these days, and I can understand why.

Have you ever had one of those magical moments where you catch a scent and your mind whisks you away to a special time in your life? Scent is very powerful, our sense of smell is our only sense that is directly linked to emotion and memory. I loved the idea that wearing my wedding perfume on special occasions in the future would subconsciously remind Zack of our wedding day.


When I started the hunt for my wedding scent, I knew I wanted something special. I didn’t just want to love the perfume, I wanted its fragrance notes to evoke feelings of sensuality and romance. So I did my research and I knew my perfume had to be based on Tuberose –  a fragrance noted famed for its sensuality.


Tuberose is a polarising fragrance note that can create a love or hate stance, I am in the love camp. I tend not to go for floral perfumes, but this is floral with a punch. There is no girly innocence in this floral note, it is a grownup floral that is to be worn by strong, confident and sexy women. The night-blooming flower’s heavy, sweet and buttery aroma translates to elegance, sensuality and confidence. That was how I wanted to feel on my wedding day. This, of course, would also make the perfect Valentines scent as a gift or as your signature perfume for the night.


After trying many tuberose fragrances, there was one that I loved and kept going back to. I knew it was the one. It was Do Son from Diptyque, that I found in SpaceNK. I bought the EDP and the perfume oil roll on to keep with me on my wedding day. There are lots of different Tuberose fragrance combinations for you to discover your perfect scent. So in the spirit of seduction I’ve rounded up the five tuberose heavyweights that could almost double as modern-day love potions.

Charlotte Tilbury – Scent of a Dream

Known as the key to attraction and Charlotte Tilbury’s secret weapon.
I have written previously about the seductive powers of Scent of a Dream here.


Jo Malone – Tuberose Angelica

The queen of white florals. Sensual. Touched with the green spiciness of angelica. Sumptuous on the warmth of amberwood. Intoxicating and desirable.


Frederic Malle – Carnal Flower

An initial impression of innocence and flower-shop freshness disperses to reveal a more lustful tuberose: these dark and spicy notes surrender in turn to ones of milky comfort, enhanced by white musk, to draw out tuberose’s aura of lingering sensuality.


Gucci – Bloom

Notes of natural tuberose and Jasmine leave an unexpectedly rich white floral scent on the skin. Rangoon Creeper, a plant that changes colour when it blooms, infuses a powdery, floral edge.


KILIAN Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi

Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi is designed to prolong love’s magic into the small hours. Opulent tuberose mingles dangerously with lush Bulgarian rose, fresh neroli, spicy ylang-ylang and deep, smoky cedar and sandalwood. One small spritz is enough to intoxicate, akin to throwing on a (faux) fur coat over lacy lingerie.


If you are having a romantic night in this Valentine’s, why not burn a Tuberose candle to set the mood?

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      16th February 2018 / 9:23 am

      Thank you my love, I am obsessed with Tuberose! xx

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