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The Bridal Edit: My Bridesmaid Dresses

ASOS bridesmaid dress

Are you looking for the perfect Bridesmaid dresses? I didn’t realise before I started looking HOW hard it would be to find bridesmaid dresses. I quickly realised that the style I liked might not be right for my bridesmaids. You have to take in to consideration everyone’s different height, shapes, skin colour, body concerns etc. I wanted my bridesmaids to feel amazing on the day (not like crap because they didn’t feel comfortable in their dresses).

Originally I loved the idea of the girls in different styles within a colour scheme, but after suggesting this dress as an option they all LOVED it. We ordered them to try on (as ASOS have an easy returns policy) and that was that! They looked amazing in them so we kept them and got them altered. The girls received so many lovely comments on the day and I received messages about their bridesmaid dresses, so I checked online today and saw they are in the SALE now! ASOS was a great option for our dresses because we don’t all live in the same city, so delivery was easy and there are so many styles to choose from.
I would definitely recommend checking out their wedding shop for all wedding outfits: from guests to bride!


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ASOS bridesmaid dressASOS bridesmaid dressASOS bridesmaid dress

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