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Just BROWsing? My brow make over with Shavata

Just BROWsing? My brow make over with Shavata

I don’t know how many times I have walked past the Shavata brow bar in Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, considering it’s right next to SpaceNK, it’s a lot! I think every time I have browsed straight past it, I have been subconsciously thinking ‘my brows are great, I don’t need them done’. Well boy was I wrong. It always takes someone else to show you what you can’t see, and my personal appointment with Shavata when she came to visit her Harvey Nichols Edinburgh counter showed me all sorts of things.

Yes I have a good set of brows. No they are not twins. It turns out they weren’t even cousins.

With the number of selfies I take for my makeup Instagrams, I have always preferred one side because the brow was better. My left brow always had a good length and shape, but my right brow, that was another story. It was shorter (pointed out by almost every makeup artist I have worked with) and fatter. In my mind I haven’t been touching it in the hope of it having a sudden growth spurt and catching up with its better half. That never happened, and I just got used to them the way they were.

Then I met Shavata who showed me that we could create the illusion of length rather than waiting for it to grow. She explained to me, the same as the way you dress yourself, some clothes can make you look shorter and bigger, some can make you look taller and thinner. By thinning my brows in the right places, Shavata made the stumpy old right brow look long and elegant like my favourite left brow.

I kicked myself for not taking control of the sooner, I now have (almost) matching brows. You can check out my new brows on my Instagram, and if you would like to book in for yourself you can get in touch here:

30 – 34 St Andrew Square

Tel: +44 (0)131 524 8388
Email: contact.edinburgh@harveynichols.com

Thank you to the wonderful Lauren at The Luxe List for snapping all these photos for me!


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