Happy New Year: The Daines & A Model Moment ♥️

A Model Moment

I can’t believe it’s 2018 already – 2017, where did you go?? In what was a year of massive events for me, time seems to have disappeared. I had a (lost) week in Paris for my hen do, travelled the country with Gok Wan, got married, had moles removed from around my eye (which I was terrified about) and celebrated the big 30.

I found 2017 quite hard to handle in terms of balancing the blog, my work life AND all these massive events. Looking back – I think if I had been a goal setter (which I never have been) maybe I would have found things easier to organise. So I am taking the time today to consider the year ahead so I can start to set goals, feel organised and accomplish what I want to. So what does 2018 hold for Zack & I?


In March we will be taking our travels to Singapore to visit Zack’s mums side of the family. Celebrating with a traditional Singapore wedding ceremony for those that couldn’t make it to Portugal with us, then heading off to Thailand for our honeymoon. Adventures, sunshine and beaches…excited doesn’t cover it! I lived in Beijing for modelling years ago but I never ventured to East Asia, so this is a first for me. The original plan was to travel on to Bali after Singapore but with all the troubles with the active volcano we decided to  play it safe and book Koh Samui in Thailand instead. I am so excited to experience a whole new part of the world with Zack as Mr & Mrs Daines. With just over two months to go I am jumping straight into this year looking for a new fitness regime to make sure I am feeling my best when we step out on the beach, please leave any recommendations of your favourite workout programs below…I need all the help I can get!


2017 was what I would describe as very ‘noisy’ and I saw the effects in different areas of my life. It left me feeling constantly  clouded and relying on coffee. My sleep patterns weren’t great, I felt sluggish a lot of the time and my skin would go through irritated phases of eczema and redness which I haven’t experienced since I was young. I am attributing all of these to not ensuring I have enough ‘me’ time.

Looking back at 2017, when I wasn’t working – the TV was on, the radio was on, I was scrolling through Instagram – something was always ON. There was no real switch-off time to be present. There was just constant noise. So this year I want to reset my daily lifestyle, in my own way.

I want to take time each day to be in silence and allow my mind to rest. I’m not putting pressure on myself by calling it mediation, because that is a skill that takes practice. I aim to give myself 20 minutes a day to be free from thoughts and clear my mind (something I find very hard to do).

I used to live such a clean eating lifestyle. But in 2017, slowly but surely, sugar crept in until it became normal to eat sugary snacks most days. This coupled with looking at screens ALL the time has left me with a very disturbed sleeping pattern. Feeling tired when I wake up an relying on coffee for an energy spike. So I want to detox my diet and digitally. Switching off from screens around 8pm (the light can disrupt your sleeping pattern) and making conscious changes to the foods I eat to see how they impact my energy levels.


In 2018 I want to prescribe to the less-is-more beauty adage. But before I prescribe to that, I want to add some beauty in (ironic, I know). The closest I have ever come to any kind of cosmetic beauty treatment is Laser Hair Removal – but now, at 30, I find myself considering different options. First on my list is Microblading. This is something I have always wanted done as I fill my brows in daily. However, I had a prominent mole in my brow which meant I couldn’t have it. Now that I have had the moles removed, I have been letting the scar tissue heal for a few months and I am ready – so if you have any recommendations for therapists please let me know! I am also considering trying out other cosmetic beauty treatments this year, but I am still on the fence, I will of course let you know if I do.

I’m really looking forward to a successful 2018, have you set any goals for the year? I will leave you with my favourite motivational song …

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