MDMflow – The Girl Gang You NEED To Be Part Of.


MDMflow has been on my radar for a couple of years now. I saw the packaging and fell in love. When I learnt about the brand I fell even harder. Talk about Girl Bosses . . . Flow of MDMflow is a 26 year old cosmetic scientist that hand crafts all of her lipsticks using the latest colour technology and cruelty free methods. The brand is a collection of bold cosmetics, from colours to packaging. MDMflow offers the most pigmented lipsticks, liquid matte lipsticks and mascaras that have featured everywhere from Nasty Gal to Vogue, seriously, this girl is set for world domination. The brand is an accumulation of all of Flow’s obsessions; the colours black and gold, hip hop, beauty, fashion and science, with a heavy influence of the mid 90s-00s glamour that comes from the hip hop culture. Considering the success her brand is facing, Flow is unbelievably down-to-earth. She is such an inspiring woman to talk to and I am excited to see the journey MDMflow goes on.



The brand is handmade in the UK by Flow and her team. The focus is on the pigment strength – all of the MDMflow line will give you the strongest, longest lasting pop of colour. You won’t find any of the fillers that can be used to bulk up mass produced lipsticks – no, these little golden bullets are pure pops of pigment. You can blend them out, mix them together, use them as blush. Designed to provide extreme coverage with a creamy finish, these lipsticks are for the Girl Bosses who want to express themselves through colour.

The Semi-Matte lipsticks provide a long lasting, pigment-rich creamy finish – they are a dream to wear. Supreme was Flow’s first creation but I had to buy Bossy (named after Kelis). Clearly the name Bossy instantly makes you feel like a Girl Boss when wearing it, I also wanted to buy it because this is a nude designed to suit ALL skin tones (see here for swatches on different skin tones). MDMflow lipsticks contain natural rose essential oil to create the iconic and classic scent with the additional benefit of being soothing for the lips.


The MDMflow liquid-matte lipsticks are a weightless, hyper-pigmented liquid to matte formula that glides on and dries to high coverage satin film that lasts for up to 8 hours whilst the Vitamin E component naturally promotes the moisture of the lips. I use Empire State lightly applied as a stain as well as applying it as a liquid matte lipstick. You do have to give them a minute to dry properly but the payoff is worth it!! Warning – these stay on so well I need to remove with an oil cleanser.


Liquid Matte Lipsticks in: Empire State – Retro – Power – Supreme

MDMflow Greater Than Volumising Mascara fabulously boosts and conditions the lashes. The focus here is on the pigment again – the formula is designed to be the blackest black you have ever used, making your lashes striking and dramatic. Infused with natural Beeswax, this mascara is able to miraculously provide the eyelashes with super hydration whilst also creating a long-lasting smoky effect. I would say this masacara is more focused on definition and lengthening than volume and curl. I need more than one coat to give my lashes the impact I like, but it applies easily without overloading my lashes in product and builds a deep colour. It almost feels good for your lashes when you are wearing it, like it helps to condition them. This is definitely a day mascara for me.


Over all MDMflow is a brand that does more than just look good in your makeup bag. The whole ethos of the brand is fun and empowering to women, but more importantly the products are amazing. This is definitely a Girl Gang I want to be a part of!

Have you tried MDMflow? What’s your favourite colour?


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