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Lipstick Fever – Juliette Has a Gun

Lipstick Fever Juliette Has a Gun

The newest addition to the Juliette Has a Gun collection. Inspired by a streak of lipstick, Lipstick Fever focuses on the historic notes used to scent lipsticks: iris, violet absolute and raspberry. It’s enhanced with woody notes, patchouli and cedarwood, to echo the leather of the handbag so often inseparable from it. A floral-fruity scent.
Top notes: raspberry, violet absolute
Heart notes: iris absolute, patchouli essence
Bottom notes: vanilla absolute, brown musks

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Lipstick Fever Juliette Has a Gun

Lipstick Fever – A French Kiss

In the 1920s lipsticks were flavoured with violet and iris to create a delicious edible scent. As lipsticks came in contact with the mouth, the harmonies of iris, violet and raspberry would grace your lips. Lipstick Fever has taken inspiration it’s from this. Like a hot blooded red kiss, voluptuous, sensual and provocative. A force of feminine energy.

A gradient red bottle, crowned with a silver lid and an iridescent logo. Srtanding out as the ultimate seductive tool, a signature perfume. 

Available in sizes 100ml (£110), 50ml (£85) 

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