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Liberty London X Look Good Feel Better


Liberty London ‘Buy one, give one’

Liberty London have teamed up with Look Good Feel Better for a ‘Buy one, give one’ campaign of their iconic printed scarves. For each scarf purchased in August (in-store and online), one scarf will be donated to the charity Look Good Feel Better.

Understanding that the little things can go a long way, Look Good Feel Better works across the UK, offering free skin care and makeup workshops to guide women through the physical changes cancer can bring. A service that my mum has personally benefited from at the Maggies Glasgow centre.

The aim is simple: that these print-packed accessories could bring some colour and a dash of luxury into an otherwise difficult time. Helping lift the mood and restore a sense of self to someone facing the visible side effects of cancer – and the psychological impact that often accompanies it.


Scarves can provide a quick and comfortable alternative to wearing a wig, and Liberty London’s
donation of their signature scarves in classic prints and breathable fabrics will provide a stylish
confidence-boosting option for women and teenagers undergoing cancer treatment.

To complement the partnership Liberty London’s in-house scarf stylist, Anna Kompaniets has created
a scarf styling video guide that highlights some great ways to wear a Liberty London scarf:

“At a difficult time in your life, a little piece of luxury can make you feel special, and strength found in personal morale cannot be underrated. If, in any way, we can help someone find that extra bit of energy and confidence they need, it’s the greatest gift we can give.”

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Hayley X

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