How to make a layered Iced Oat Milk Coffee

Layered Iced Oat Milk Coffee

How to make a layered Iced Oat Milk Coffee at home

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I have a slight coffee obsession. Prior to Lockdown I would visit a coffee shop daily for my Oat Milk Flat White fix. Lockdown restrictions meant I had to get creative with my home coffee routine, when the weather became warmer I started to play with iced coffee recipes. Initially I was trying to incorporate coconut milk, but we’ve decided our favourite is an Iced Oat Milk Coffee.



I drink my iced coffees slowly and sometimes they can become watered down. So I started to make coffee ice cubes to keep the flavour. I run one coffee pod through our machine three times, let it cool and filter into my ice tray. Obviously you can make these with decaf if you don’t want the extra caffeine. (The ice tray I use has started to smell of coffee so maybe keep a separate tray for your coffee ice cubes).


Any coffee you like will work for this. I used to use a stovetop espresso maker, but for the sake of speed and ease (for my three cups of coffee a day) we bought a Nespresso machine with built in milk frother. I use the Nespresso Lattissima Touch (available at John Lewis & Amazon). Make the measure of coffee you would normally have in your drink, I use a long black. If you want your Iced Oat Milk Coffee sweet, I would add your sugar or syrup at this stage. Leave the coffee to cool (if you want to speed the process up, add a coffee ice cube!).

Nespresso Lattisma Touch (available at John Lewis & Amazon).


I prefer to use Barista milk in my iced coffee for extra froth, this means using a milk frother. We have one built into our coffee machine, but I have previously used a standalone milk frother that you can pick up quite cheaply like this one. We have tried so many brands for Barista oat milk but always return to Oatly.


Pour your hot frothed milk directly over a coffee ice cube.

If you want to create the layered look, pour your cooled coffee into the frothed milk over a teaspoon to create a gentle stream.

That’s it, time to enjoy! It’s very simple and very satisfying. Depending on how warm it is outside, I sometimes I add a second coffee ice cube. (If you want your coffee sweet, I would add your sugar or syrup when the coffee is hot).

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try this, or add your favourite DIY iced coffee recipes in the comments.

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