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HD Brows

HD Brows @ Designer Waxing


To me, ‘brow-game’ and ‘girl-boss’ go hand in hand . . . strong brows mean business!
I have no issue being bare-faced as long as my brows are groomed and filled in.
It literally changes my face: making them slightly darker, enhancing the arch and lengthening the ends makes me feel confident!
(my usual product of choice is NYX Tame & Frame tinted brow pomade in Brunette)
So naturally it makes sense to trial a treatment that encourages your brows to grow in the way you want them to look, giving you an ‘I woke up like this’ brow game.
I have had bad brow experiences in the past, namely from a £5 threading salon that took them FAR too thin.
Since then I have avoided getting my brows done ‘professionally’ while I let them grow back in just and pluck the strays.
Feeling I could up my game, I was willing to give HD Brows a chance at the newly opened Designer Waxing in Edinburgh.

I met Jo who is based in the Glasgow salon but comes through to Edinburgh once a week, and she explained the process to me which I am so happy I now understand! HD Brows isn’t just getting them waxed and tinted, your HD Brow expert actually studies your brow, your face shape and what you want from your brow to create a re-growth plan. Every 4-6 weeks for 6 months to 1 year you should go in and see your HD Brow expert. They will tidy up your brows but not touch the hairs they feel that need to grow to create the look you want. The worst part will be NOT PLUCKING your brows in between visits but I can see it will be worth it for the results.

The HD Brow process involves tinting, waxing and threading followed by some brow art with makeup to create the look you are eventually going for. If you’re looking for a brow treatment but don’t want to go as far as micro-blading or tattooing, I would definitely give HD Brows a try.

(p.s. my mascara in the below photos is my favourite Urban Decay Perversion Mascara).

HD Brows

Before HD Brows (Excuse my re-growth . . . had to persevere and let them grow in!)

HD Brows

Straight after HD Brows (During 24hr period where dye is left on the brow).

HD Brows

Final result of first session of HD Brows (no product on my brows here).

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