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Did you know the skin on our lips is just as thin and delicate as the skin around our eyes? This skin is up to 1/10th thinner than the skin on the rest of our face.

I have always invested in a good eye cream as I suffered from Milia (milk spots around the eye area) when I was younger and I was told by a makeup artist at a young age this was caused by using products like facial moisturiser or SPF that were too rich for the skin around the eyes. I made the switch and have never had them since! Eye cream is precious to me SO when I accidentally pump too much, I can be tempted to just apply the extra product, however, more product DOES NOT equal better/faster results. Overloading the eye area with eye product can also have adverse effects on the skin. They say the right amount of eye cream to use is the size of a grain of rice, depending on your product packaging it is very easy to dispense too much product, but if you’ve invested in a good eye cream the last thing you want to do is waste any, so here is a non-wasteful solution…

Use the extra product around your lips! The skin on your lips is just as delicate and can show signs of ageing just as easily, so if you ever dispense too much of your eye cream use it on your lips as a treatment! I often run my fingers over my lips after applying my eye cream, Balance Me’s Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream (£20). This is a 99% natural triple-active eye cream, perfect for sensitive skins. Balance Me never test their products OR ingredients on animals so this is CRUELTY FREE while also being free of parabens/sulphates/petroleum/mineral oils/silicones/DEA/PEGs/propylene glycol/artificial colour/artificial fragrance.

If you would like a product marketed for both eye & lip care you could try Caudalie’s Anti-Wrinkle Eye & Lip Cream (£24.70) available from .

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View my Disclaimer HERE
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