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Easy Minimalist Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

Reverse French Nail Art Red Tips

It is such a pet-peeve of mine to spend hours painting my own nails, only for them to smudge before they have dried properly or chip in less than 24 hours. What even is the point?! I have been getting gel manicures for just under one year now. I love having nails that I don’t have to worry about breaking or chipping. They have also grown longer and stronger than they would have naturally with the added gel protection.
Some months I have to get them super natural because of my work, others I can fit in some nail art. I love the minimalist nail art style with the use of negative space. You guys seem to love it over on my Instagram, so I thought I would share some of my designs on here for you to Pin away at your pleasure.

Let me know if you try any of the designs, I’d love to see them.
And you can always check out my inspo board on Pinterest for other styles of nail art that I love ❤️

UPDATE: I am adding each of my new monthly manis as I go, check back for new ideas!

March 2020 – Negative Space & Pina Colada The Gel Bottle
Gel Manicure The Gel Bottle
Negative Space
Gel Manicure The Gel Bottle
Holographic Star detail
Gel Manicure The Gel Bottle
Gel Manicure The Gel Bottle
French Fade

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Hayley X

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