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Beauty Pie

If you haven’t heard of Beauty Pie yet, then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Beauty Pie launched luxury makeup at accessible prices last year, and took the beauty world by storm. Makeup without the mark-up. The idea is that as the price of department store beauty is rising, a member of the Beauty Pie world can gain access to factory cost products at the same quality of those you’d find in your local beauty hall. They’ve dropped the weighty packaging, branding and marketing to create streamline, chic but high-quality products.

    “Luxury beauty at factory cost prices” – Beauty Pie.

Rather than pay for the packaging & marketing that goes hand-in-hand with a high end beauty product, Beauty Pie has created a membership service that cuts out these extra costs. These benefits now include their newly launched high-end skincare. Each Beauty Pie skincare product has been formulated by the world’s leading cosmetic chemists, in conjunction with guidance from celebrity facials Marcia Kilgore.

A membership of £10 p/month for a minimum of 3 months gives you access to a ‘buyers club’. That £10 per month gives you a monthly spending allowance on transparent factory-cost luxury beauty products. That allowance now includes high-end skincare with another 20 new products due to launch in 2017. When adding the 3 month membership to my basket today there is a bonus of an extra £5 spending! If you don’t spend your full allowance each month, don’t worry … it will roll on into the next month.

So for a £30 commitment you can access some pretty exciting products. The Super Stem Cell Serum is great, it definitely smells like it has some fragrance added to it but I don’t mind that when it leaves my skin feeling super hydrated but light as a feather. The lip products are to die for too, once that lip liner is on … it is ON. 

So what can you get for your £10 per month?

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie Serum £7.02, Anti-Aging Cream £10.00 of your £10 monthly allowance.

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie Lip Liner Damzel – £1.50

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie Lipstick Cowboy Nude – £2.24

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie One Wonder Powder – £3.76

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie Liquid Luminizer Golden Whirl – £3.76

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie Volume Boost Mascara – £1.93


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