An evening routine for the anxious sleeper

anxious sleeper

The Anxious Sleeper

2020 has been the year of the anxious sleeper. Perhaps it’s a side effect of getting older and carrying the worries of the world on my shoulders, maybe it is to do with staring at a screen all day long. But the last 12 months have been a never ending cycle of poor sleep. Dealing with the loss of my mum, while having heightened anxiety levels due to Covid, had my brain in overdrive any time I tried to fall asleep. This was only half the battle, staying asleep was the issue. Through stress, I started having vivid dreams all night that left me feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. I realised I had become an anxious sleeper.

The consistent lack of sleep started to affect me in more ways than just my energy levels. My skin became sensitive, my eczema would flare up, my mood was low. Eventually I had enough of feeling tired, so I started a new routine to help me slip into slumber easier. I realise a lot of us will be going through trying times right now, and you may be having the same sleepless reaction as me. A lack of sleep can cause increase in the body’s Cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which creates inflammation and irritation in the body. I wanted to share what I have been doing to counteract this if you are an anxious sleeper too.

Take care of your precious selves, Hayley x

This post contain a mix of PR samples and items purchased by myself. I have used some AD affiliate links to products.

Neom Wellbeing Pod

Neom Wellbeing Pod

I bought our Neom Wellbeing Pod for Zack’s birthday (the perfect gift we both benefit from), we would never be without it now. It releases a fine mist of aromatheraphy vapour into the room to stimulate senses and help boost wellbeing. The Pod is equipped with low energy LED lights on a timer, so unlike a candle, you can fall asleep without worrying about it. It creates the perfect environment for practising deep breathing before bed, while humidifying the air around you. We are currently using the Bedtime Hero oil blend, but Real Luxury has also always been a firm favourite.

Artem 100% Silk Eye-mask

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I have always been a light sleeper, the slightest hint of light will wake me. So an eye-mask is an essential to aid with deeper sleep. A natural silk eye mask creates less sleep-creases in your skin and boosts hydration through water & product retention. Silk is 47% more delicate than cotton on your skin, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It also regulates temperature which is a huge benefit for me, as my skin can become irritated if too hot during the night.

Apothem CBD Drops

CBD drops will be a personal choice, they are known for their calming and soothing effects on the mind and body. I take high-strength, high-quality CBD drops every evening (and during the day if I am feeling anxious). I practice my deep breathing with my Neom while holding the drops under my tongue for 60 seconds while they calm my mind, release tension and help give me a more restorative sleep. Apothem is organic, vegan and has no heavy metals in the formula.

Aromatherapy Associates Roller Ball

Lightly rolling this over my pulse points helps me prepare for an undisturbed night’s sleep, while adding to the aromatherapy benefits in the bedroom. Intense pulse point therapy releases balancing and peace-inducing benefits that ease my mind.

anxious sleeper

Pure Elixir Smart Sleep

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Pure Elixir Smart Sleep is specifically formulated to support a deeper, longer sleep while promoting a healthy balance of micro flora in the gut. High-strength probiotics work from within to reduce stress and anxiety on the body and calm the nervous system, building our bodies resistance to stress. They also contain 5HTP which is one of my ultimate sleep companions. High Grade Montmorency Cherry Extract, known to reduce the symptoms of insomnia, reduce the symptoms of inflammatory diseases, reduce insulin resistance and improve cognitive function. Lemon Balm for anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and stress reducing benefits. And Chamomile to soothe the nervous system and give anti-bacterial benefits.

Calm app anxious sleeper

Calm App

Calm is a sleep app for mediation and relaxation. I adore the sleep stories section of the app, they are stories to help you drift off read by the most soothing voices like Stephen Fry, Matthew McConaughey and Cillian Murphy. I pop one of these stories on before I sleep to stop my mind wandering into the worries of the world.

Pukka Tea

I swear by a herbal tea in bed every night, the saying ‘a hug in a mug’ is not lost on me. I love Pukka Peppermint & Licorice to soothe and calm before bed.

Lip Balm

Not a sleep aid – but when I haven’t been getting enough sleep I always get dry lips. So lip balm is a bedtime essential. I swear by La Roche-Posay Cicaplast.

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anxious sleeper
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