Mascaras are one of the beauty world’s Holy Grails . . . you could be forever searching for the perfect one, but when you finally find it you will always stick to it. And there is no set definition of the ‘perfect’ mascara as everyone likes to wear their mascaras differently. Is this possibly the best mascara I have tried . . . the answer is YES! Mainly because with most mascaras I find throughout the day they have flaked or disintegrated into next-to-nothing and I’m left with nearly naked lashes. T.LeClerc’s Multiplicateur (£22) did not budge, which is the number one reason why I loooove it.


My lashes are very straight so I always look for a good volumising mascara and I always start by curling my eyelashes (although I didn’t in these pictures to show you the true effect). This mascara is fab for adding volume & length, it has a really chunky brush (which I love) that doesn’t clump the product as you apply it and helps to fan the lashes out evenly. The formula itself dries quickly (* top tip NEVER pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube, this will push air in and dry the formula out quicker) so if you usually go back and forward from each eye between coats you may have to stick to one eye at a time when using this mascara. It doesn’t take too much effort to build the product up either so can be quickly applied in the morning and the formula is jet black so really creates an impact.

It also comes in very chic Parisian style packaging true to the brands heritage. All in all this is a fabulous lash multiplying mascara you would be proud to have in your make up bag, so if you are in the market for a new mascara I would definitely give this one a try (also available in brown and waterproof).



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